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          Yuhuan High-rate Part Manufacturing Factory is located in the well-known National Automobile Parts Manufacturing Base -----Yuhuan County, which not only features its beautiful landscapes and pleasing climate ,but also has convenient transportation, with Wenzhou International Airport to its south, Huangyan Airport to its north and the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Highway and the unique Damaiyu deep- water Port to the west.

          Yuhuan High-rate Part Manufacturing Factory, established in 1985, was a member of the China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co.,LTD. and an affiliated company of Hangzhou Automotive Engine Plant. The corporate, with 16,080,000RMB of registered capital and over 20,000,000RMB of fixed assets, occupies some 20,000 m2 of land and bears a building area of about 14,000 m2.The factory has more than 500 employees.

          The factory, well equipped, is provided with more than 400 machines like machining centers ,multistage cold formers and numerically-controlled lathes,etc., over 30 CNC precision automatic lathes ,and more than 40 testing and analyzing devices.

          The leading products include connecting rod assembly, engine timing gear box, oil pump speed regulator, front wheel hub, automatic automobile regulator, steering gear torsion bar, high strength bolt, crankcase,pitman,bearing cover,spring seat,full-floating front suspension system for vehicle cab,spare movement assembly,spline shaft and many other serial products. The products, partly exported to North America, South America and European countries, etc., are primarily supplied to over 100 civilian and military enterprises at home and abroad such as China FAW Group Corporation, Dongfeng Automobile Company, Weichai Power Co., LTD., Sinotruck Group Hangzhou Engine Co., LTD., Shaanxi Automobile Group Co.,LTD.Yuchai Machinery Co.,LTD., Shanghai Denso Fuel Injection Co., LTD., TRW Automotive (Shanghai) Co., LTD., BYD Automobile Co., LTD., Yibei Steering System Co., LTD., Sinotruck Jinan Power Co., LTD., North Star Automobile Steering System Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou Elite Electro Mechanical Co., LTD., Shashi Jiulong Auto PowerSteering Gear Co., LTD., Taizhou YAS Steering Gear Co., LTD, Beiben Trucks Group Co., LTD., Denso Fuel Injection System (Changzhou) Co., LTD., ASIMCO Meilian BrakingSystem(Langfang) Co.,LTD. ,Beijing Prestolite Electric Appliance Co.,LTD.and Hang Lung Group,etc.

          In recent years the factory has invested considerably in setting up branches. In 2001 Taizhou Trust Company was established for business and trade. In 2004,the factory acquired 60 mou of land in Shanghai and invested 80 million RMB to build Shanghai Yunming Auto Parts Co., LTD..,which aims to develop and manufacture engine timing gear box, crankcase, oil injection pump, steering gear torsion bar,engine lower body ,hollow bolts and other auto components for Weichai Power Co., LTD., Sinotruck Group Hangzhou Engine Co., LTD., Dongfeng Automobile Company, Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., LTD., Denso Fuel Injection System (Changzhou) Co and Denso Fuel Injection System (Shanghai) Co . In 2010, the factory acquired 220 mu of land and invested 340 million RMB to build Weifang Yunqiang Auto Parts Co.,LTD .The company ,completed in June 2012 , and now capable of manufactruing 500 thousand engine timing gear box, crankcase, cylinder cover and so on each year, can realize annual sales income of 980 million RMB and achieve profit and tax of 90 million RMB. Weifang Yunqiang Auto Parts Co.,LTD is now the main supplier of Weichai Power Co., LTD.

          Quality is the top consideration of Yuhuan Highrate Part Manufacturing Factory.The factory passed the ISO 9002 quality management system certification in 2000 and, in 2004,it further passed the ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification, which is and will always be strictly followed. Through constant reformation and innovation, the product quality and service level will surely be improved. With our efforts, the corporate is sure to provide quality products and satisfactory service for our customers. You are welcome to cooperate with us to create the brilliance of the auto industry.